My life goal is to lower the barriers of knowledge through data. I am currently working for Naver Papago – and lowering the barriers of linguistic knowledge by building machine translation models. Current areas of interest include context-aware machine translation, and translation evaluation.

You can often find me on the Web as Eunjeong, echojuliett, echojuli&t, e9t.

Latest news

  • 2020-06: We had a chat with Kyunghyun Cho at TensorFlow Korea. It’s not everyday you meet your role model…
  • 2020-05: Read this blog to see how Papago MT and NLE MT group are contributing to research for COVID-19. (Related news articles)
  • 2019-10: We are having the second NLP-OSS workshop, co-located with EMNLP 2020. Consider submitting a paper!
  • 2019-06: Here’s an article about me developing Papago’s new honorific translation feature. (In Korean)
  • 2019-04: Interested in machine translation for Asian languages? Come see our interview with Slator.
  • 2019-01: We had an interview with Data Skeptic regarding KoNLPy! Go have a look.
  • 2018-01: I’m organizing Deep Learning Camp Jeju 2018, a sequel of the ML Camp Jeju 2017.
  • 2017-11: I’m organizing the inaugural NLP-OSS Workshop with Masato Hagiwara, Dmitrijs Milajevs, Liling Tan – a workshop devoted to open source software regarding NLP, to be co-located with ACL 2018.
  • 2017-06: I’m organizing and participating in the Machine Learning Camp 2017 at Jeju. I will be mentoring Judit Ács, and we will be building a morphology segementation model for Hungarian!
  • 2016-12: My team at Naver, Papago, won 1st place in Naver’s 2016-4Q Project Presentations, and 2nd place among all projects presented at 2016 Naver User Connect Day!
    • 네이버 서비스위원회 과제발표회 2016년 4분기 성과부문 1위, 네이버 사용자 커넥트 데이 2017년 성과부문 2위.
  • 2016-08: I’ve (finally) graduated Seoul National University as a Ph.D., and joined the machine translation team at Naver Corporation to build Papago!

Community services


  • Spring 2015: Data Mining @SeoulTech, Lecturer Website
  • Spring 2015: Business Analytics @SeoulTech, Lecturer Website
  • Fall 2012: Data Mining @SNU, Teaching assistant
  • Fall 2012: Engineering Research Practice 1 @SNU, Teaching assistant

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