[Review] Data visualization

Data types

  • Nominal, ordinal, quantitative

Visual variables

  • Comparisons

(Source: Nathan Yau, Data points)

Data visualization patterns

(Source: Joel Laumans, An introduction to visualizing data)

Map visualizations (Geomapping)


(Source: Jason Davies)

Visual variables for spatial data


Dot map: A dot for every data point


How to lie with a dot map

(Source: xkcd)

Choropleth map: Attribute uniformly distributed in region

(source) (source)

How to lie with a choropleth

(Source: Huffington Post)

Cartograms: Size of region scaled to attribute value

(Source: Shawn Allen, Cartograms with d3 & TopoJSON)

(Source: Maneesh Agrawala, D3 Introduction, Mike Bostock, D3 workshop)

Visualization tools